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Professional websites

Websites and different computer programs. We offer a lot of services associated with dedication and our love for an innovative product that holds the stamp of success.

Web Marketing

After building a website it is very important to advertise it in the search engines. Success of the client is essential for us. So,we do not provide you just a website. We offer a professional strategy to our clients.

Professional web design

We build your online image, starting from your business logo that creates the identity for a business. We establish strong relationships with our customers, which allows us to assign objectives for their business plan and achieve the results.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is Google’s paid service which allows you to be visible on the first page of Google Search Engine. Recently, Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most useful form of publicity.


Blueberry Solutions Sh.p.k. - Google Partner

Blueberry Solutions Sh.p.k. is now a Google Partners company and this fact gives it an important place in the rank of major partner agencies with the giant Google.

The services offered to customers of Blueberry Solutions Sh.p.k. are made from a specialized and certified staff by Google as a Google AdWords Qualified Individually.